Fiduciary Agreement 21P-4703

Abstract: VA monitors the distribution and use of VA services paid to fiduciary directors on behalf of incompetent, minor or disabled VA applicants. This form is used as a legal contract between VA and a federal agent. It describes the agent`s responsibilities for the use of VA funds. You can request at any time that your ability to manage your AV benefits be reassessed or that a new agent be appointed. If you wish to reassess, please submit your application in writing to LA with all medical evidence. If a beneficiary is unable to manage its financial affairs, VA appoints an agent. The administrator, who is normally chosen by the recipient, must be investigated for suitability for service. This investigation includes a criminal context review, credit report audit, personal interview and character reference recommendations. It is only after a full review that an agent is appointed. The agent is accountable to the beneficiary and oversees the financial management of VA benefits. Some of the things that the VA takes into account in appointing an agent include: VA Form 21P-4703 is an agreement on the responsibilities of the agent. If it is concluded by the VA and signed by the federal agent, it constitutes a legally binding contract.

The selection of agents is based on an assessment of the qualifications of the proposed agent. When searching for an agent, the following people may be considered: A VA field audit is provided to appoint an agent to assist you in the management of your AV benefits. As a general rule, family members or friends serve as agents for beneficiaries; However, if friends and family cannot serve, VA is looking for qualified individuals or organizations to serve as agents. During the selection process, the VA will first seek to qualify the person you wish to serve as agent. . The VA Fiduciary program was put in place to protect Veterans and other beneficiaries who are unable to manage their financial affairs due to injury, illness or age. VA will not discover to a person that they are unable to manage their financial affairs after receiving the medical documents, or if a competent court has already made the decision. This pdf is the current document, as published during a public inspection on 20.04.2017 at 8:45 a.m. Veterans Benefits Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs. These marking elements allow the user to see how the document follows the document creation manual that agencies use to create their documents. These may be useful in understanding how a document is structured, but are not part of the published document itself. Department Clearance Officer, Enterprise Records Service, Office of Quality and Compliance, Department of Veterans Affairs.

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