Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement Sick Leave

Your leave of absence, including sick leave, bereavement, special leave and parental leave, is stipulated in this part of the agreement. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your PPTA outside office. (c) Unreased sick leave complements absence due to illness or injury, to which the teacher is entitled to full treatment on the scale 5.1.1 a). (d) temporary or discharged teachers may not be entitled to unreased sick leave, in accordance with point 5.1.6 a), if they were employed continuously prior to the application date. 6.1.2 Unless otherwise stated, only group 1 teachers are entitled to the leave provided in this section. If a teacher requests several leave due to recurrent illness in the family, the employer has discretion as to the frequency of paid leave in the same school year, taking into account the well-being of the school or class concerned. 5.11.1 Leave under the Domestic Violence Victims Act 2018 complements other leave allowances under this collective agreement. (i) teachers` leave allowance for periods of sickness without pay cannot be paid for periods of 90 calendar days during a school year. 5.1.1 (a) A teacher who is on leave because he or she was not created because of illness or injury or as part of the teacher`s employment is entitled to sick leave if paid for a period or period not exceeding the amounts shown in the table below.

b) Employers may authorize unpaid leave for pre-exam studies and salary for the duration of the examinations, plus the time required for travel. c) The employer may grant payday leave to teachers who receive scholarships and scholarships for the duration of the agreement, plus an appropriate travel period. Note: A Teacher Who Receives Help to the Learning Community The role of the teacher (inter-community) is not allowed to benefit from a study leave award. For reasons of clarity, the teacher may request a notification for the planned task in the last year of his appointment, provided that the right is invoked only after the end of the temporary appointment.5.6.7 Meetings of legal and local authorities (a) Teachers may take leave by the employer with remuneration plus the travel time necessary to attend meetings of legal authorities , local and other (or, in other cases, benefit from leave without pay). b) For the purposes of item 5.6.7 (a), the following persons are recognized: e) If a teacher has exhausted his claim as of 5.1.1 a) and has no future claim at 5.1.1 a), the teacher is granted sick leave under the 2003 Public Holidays Act. Note 1: In calculating a teacher`s right to sick leave, the total length of a teacher`s “service time” will continue to cover the employment of a former Ministry of Education, a secondary school, an integrated private school, a community college, a technical institute, a teachers` college, a former Ministry of Education or an agricultural college. (a) Parental leave may begin at any time during pregnancy, with the teacher taking one month in writing to the employer with written notice, indicating the date of writing by mentioning a medical certificate. A shorter notice period is accepted on the recommendation of a doctor.

The teacher may take up to 12 months of unpaid leave from the date of birth, or in the case of adoption, Whangai or teaching the life of a child under the age of six, from the date the teacher becomes the principal tutor.