Transferwise Customer Agreement

In 2012, the company`s costs amounted to 1 euro – in 2015, to 2 , 2, 3, etc. (depending on the currency issued) – or 0.5% depending on the highest amount, in the customer`s currency or from an equivalent amount. [9] As you rightly expect from a technology-driven company, TransferWise has an excellent website. While most financial service providers only view their website as a marketing vehicle, TransferWise goes very easily to the sales place and instead offers an extremely complete explanation of how their services work and how much they will cost you. There are no sales tricks or misleading statements, and the information they provide is both clear and easy to navigate. All in all, it`s one of the most transparent sites we`ve ever seen. The company`s website acts as both a primary distribution vehicle and a functional component of its services. If you`ve reviewed your site and decided that TransferWise is for you, you can quickly and easily set up your account and start the transfer without ever leaving the site. With this type of comfort, there is no need for salespeople. If you contact someone in the company by phone or email, you can be sure that it works in a customer service role and is not looking to sell you anything. Of course, if you need an account to make a real transfer, TransferWise is unique among money transfer providers because you can access their live currency data without any.

Although most of their competitors allow them to create a free account, they usually hide their live currency until you have. This is because they make their money the difference between “buy” and “sell” exchange rates, and they may also calculate an exchange rate surcharge. TransferWise has a completely different business model by only making transfers between existing currency pools based on the average market price at the time of transfer. Since your fees are predetermined, they are able to disclose them entirely via their online computer and eliminate any nasty surprises that might occur when the transmission is actually processed. As you would expect from a leading technology company, TransferWise has an active social media presence. Your Facebook page is particularly useful because it allows you to connect directly to an account rather than your website. Although we think you use the site better to inform you first about their services and their costs, it is still a practical option. Your Twitter account is often updated with corporate messages and educational features. You also have a LinkedIn account that publishes much of the same content on your other social media sites and is a handy reference if you want to apply for a job with the company.