Facebook Billing Agreement

I received an email today telling me PayPal that payments on Facebook intl Ltd have terminated a billing contract with me. I do not yet have such an agreement nor the website they ask me…. To manage your billing agreement, log into your account PayPal www.paypal.co.uk, switch to your profile and click My Money. You can choose your payment method and, if you wish, terminate your billing contract in the “My Pre-approved Payments” section. I just sent an email “Facebook has terminated a billing contract with you`. `. I literally never connected my PayPal to my Facebook, or I made billing agreements between the two, why I get this email, it looks super fishy. I changed my password, I challenged the transaction and PayPal called. The friendly representative at the other end explained to me that someone could easily enter my Facebook account. From there, this person created a “billing agreement” between my PayPal account and a person`s Facebook account. I was then advised to change my Facebook password (which I unfortunately did for the first time in over a year) while PayPal comments and refund my money in 5-10 calendar days.

I asked for my credit card to be cancelled, and it was explained that there was no need; It was just a matter of changing my Facebook password. Do you run a Facebook page? I once terminated a PayPal agreement with Facebook on one of the pages I manage and all the administrators received a similar email, but it should be only me, since I only had the billing rights Check you manage is this genuine? have never entered into a billing agreement with Facebook. The same thing just happened to me! I don`t even have a Facebook account anymore, I deleted it before I was old, and I never linked Facebook to PayPal, and when I checked my PayPal account, it had nothing on Facebook in active or inactive billing lists. Something to worry about. What could have led someone to do it? Now, Facebook charges for different services, such as ads and third-party games on Zynga. Someone could have used my account to get more “likes” with Facebook ads on my account (from Yom Kippur, either to reach a higher level in Facebook games. One way or another, there was a motive, and flying was not fun. Последнее обновление : 11 ноября 2019 г. Look, unfortunately this is not the first time I have been the victim of identity theft. A few years ago, someone created a fake Yahoo account called “rafael_hecht@yahoo.com” (not my real email address), logged in online for Bank of America credit cards via LLBean (never bought in my life there) and the NFL store (I don`t even like football), then it was possible to ring a fee of nearly $8,500! Fortunately, I was able to solve this, but it`s amazing how it`s relatively easy to fly online to someone else.