Fundamental Agreement Luxury

The brand name may seem like a mouth, but it is inspired by the literal meaning of the words themselves: Fundamental Agreement – Having an agreement with customers to continue to provide them with high quality products. Luxury – the products are in all respects above the norm. In essence, the whole company is inspired by its motto. The manufacture of quality products is fundamentally in line with the luxury agreement. . доставка: + 1 416,95 руб. доставка . . .

. . The spring/summer 2016 selections combine lightweight cuts of indigo textiles for warmer seasons with modern silhouettes that are more on the installation side. The different use of Japanese textiles with deep indigo shades gives a lively but organic character to everyday leisure wear. By combining Japanese roots and cultural influences with contemporary clothing styles, FDMTL breathes new life into each new season. . The Regular Straight Fit (left) and trace-Passung (right). “The finest quality garments are polished to wear“ is the statement of Fundamental Agreement Luxury (FDMTL).

They may remember them since our “Market Week Recap” in January, they were created and have their headquarters in Tokyo and have been based there since 2005. They mainly produce jeans in the denim capital itself — Okayama, Japan. The brand has been based in Tokyo for 8 years and they are ready to take the next step to move to the EU and US markets. Gaku says, “I want to introduce our products to more people outside of Japan.” FDMTL is currently looking for strong subsidiaries in the EU and US markets. With some business negotiations have already taken place, so looking forward to beating FDMTL for the rest of the world soon! What characterizes FDMTL jeans is that they put a “charm bell” on each jean through a tulle on the right front bag. They have four shapes: the inheritance of the complete original straight, the straight regular, the thin straight trace and the thin silhouette fit. Fundamental Agreement Luxury has come a long way to produce some of the best indigo clothing in the denim capital of Okama, Japan. FDMTL`s goal is to establish a lifelong link with its products. Your craftsmen, who have extensive experience and knowledge of denim design, are very proud to make these indigo masterpieces. As a result, each pair goes through a series of stages of distress, reconstruction and focus to establish the highest quality.

. . . FDMTL Japanese Vintage Jeans, 800 – Made in Japan Fundamental Agreement Luxury Bags, buttons, abrasions, metallic material, every visible detail is carefully designed to complement the desired aesthetic of Denim craftsmen in the eye. Their unique approach to denim design is a hardened process that is now often forgotten in some denim brands and cannot be established by mass production. Case and point, superior quality is guaranteed with Japan-Made FDMTL clothing. ..