Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Royalty License And Distribution Agreement

ISV maturity license. Some products licensed by the ISV Royalty Licensing Program are offered with additional limited user fees. In these cases, your end-users may begin to establish distribution rules after the approval of Microsoft`s ISV licensing and licensing and sales agreement, as described in the agreement. What is on-board maintenance? STIs can allow users to upgrade to future versions of Microsoft products by purchasing on-board maintenance for a fee. Only new product versions published during the on-board maintenance coverage period are included. Licenses must be registered at the initial on-board maintenance license and the distribution rights apply to on-board maintenance and Microsoft products in the Unified solution. Insurance coverage must be renewed each year for the duration of the agreement. The independent Vendor (ISV) Royalty Licensing Program offers independent software vendors (ISVs) a convenient way to license Microsoft products® and integrate them into a software application. The ISVs then replicate the commercial solution and distribute a fully conceded solution to their end-users.

Can VSIs provide their unified solutions to users in other countries? The ISV Royalty Licensing Program allows the distribution of the unified solution worldwide, subject to U.S. export legislation and the provisions of certain agreements. Because Microsoft has no control over who ISVs distribute Unified, ISVs must have agreements with all third-party business entities for which they can distribute the Unified solution directly or indirectly to users. How do users with licenses registered on Embedded Maintenance get the Microsoft upgrade product? ISVs make the Microsoft upgrade product available to their users as part of an upgrade to Unified Solution. Can ISVs market Microsoft products as independent products in the ISV licensing program? No no. Under the ISV licensing program, ISVs can only market Microsoft products as part of a Unified solution. However, in some cases, ISVs may distribute additional licenses to a user if they have already distributed the solution to the user. The ISV licensing and distribution agreement for distribution licenses and licenses cannot be renewed for 3 years. At the end of your three-year contract, you must sign a new ISV licensing and distribution agreement for licensing and distribution agreements in order to continue to participate in the program. Can ISVs disable product functions if the app doesn`t use them? Microsoft does not allow ISVs to disable product features so that users get a fully functional product.

In addition, disabling certain features may affect other parts of the product that would have a negative impact on the software.